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BeerPongPhilippines.com, the official beer pong authority in the Philippines will organized the first ever Philippine Beer Pong Championship (PBPC).

PBPC would start with a series of tournaments in the Philippines hosted by different bars and establishments. The goal is to determine who are best players of Beer Pong in the country.

Sponsors or Vendors can get most of our:

  • Social Media Presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Press Coverage
  • Dedicated PR and Marketing

Who’s Playing?

Beer Pong has become an international game played by men and women of all ages. And while the game of Beer Pong continue to become more and more diverse, the following is an overview of the typical PBPC player demographic:

Male- 90%

Female – 10%

Age 21-24 – 37%

Age 25-29- 45%

Age 30-34- 12%

35 or older – 6%

More about the players and fans

  • Avid sports fans
  • Loves beer pong and other social activities (e.g. sports)
  • prefer to drink beer
  • Have had a friend play Beer Pong